Back into your arms

Verse 1 
   Bm  G  A
I  give  all that  I am,
  Bm   G  A
I  want  all that  You are,
Bm   G  A
create in  me a new  heart,
  Bm   G  A
make me  new,  make me  new
  Bm   G  A
I'm  pouring  out my  soul,
Bm   G  A
before Your  feet oh  Lord
Bm   G  A
Forgiveness  comes from the  cross.
  Bm   G  A
I turn to  You,  I turn to  You.

 A Bm
My heart is  Yours, my soul is  Yours
I love You  Lord; I'll never be alone.
D  A  Bm
You came for  me, left  everything,
I'm coming   back, back into your arms

Verse 2 
Tune my heart to hear,
Your holy melody,
Spirit dwell in me,
I will sing eternally

 A  G  A
I am running to my Father's, arms, I'm coming home.

Written by: Lorena Castellanos.