Set the world on fire

Verse 1
F#m  Bm 
We want to s ee 
change in us you're  all we need. 
  F#m  Bb 
We  give you our whole  lives, 
Your  perfect love will  set us free. 
Pre Chorus
  F#m    Bm 
O h,   
we  want Your flame to  grow, 
  F#m     Bm 
o h,   
God ignite our  souls. 
F#m  Bm 
We want to set the  world on fire, 
it  starts on the inside,  starts on the inside. 
F#m  Bm 
We wanna bring the  dead to life, 
it starts on the insi de. 
Verse 2
It's time to believe 
that we can be the ones who make history, 
we need your strength to love the lost and give our everything. 
Written by: Julian Gamba, Lorena Castellanos, Kipp Williams, Joshua Silverberg