You have won my heart

Verse 1 
Dm  Am 
Hear me when i   cry, 
Bb   F
resurrect this  life.
Dm   Am
Hold me in your  arms,
  Bb   F
Holy  Lord restore my  soul.

Dm  Am
For all You are,  is all I need,
Bb  F
I'm seeking You  until I find you.
There's nowhere else,
Am  Bb   F
I'd rather be,   I fall upon Your  endless mercy.

Verse 2 
I fall on my knees, come and speak to me.
Cleanse me from my sin, change me from within.

You have won my heart,
You have won my soul,
Am  Dm 
Jesus You're my all,  Jesus You're my all

Written by: Lorena Castellanos, Richard Harding, Doug Graham, Martin Smith