All Yours

  C Am F C
There's no  height, trhere's no  depth, whatcan  separate our hearts, no even  death
  (C) Am F G
'Cause you  came, laid it  down, Just to  break apart the chains that kept me  bound

  C Am 
Now  I’m all Yours, Oh Lord, My  life, my heart, my soul
I’m   bought by blood and I’m all   yours, all  yours

You've made  right, what I’ve made  wrong
  F C
So I’m     holding nothing back, I give my   all
  (C) Am 
All my   tomorrows, and all my  past, Lord; you hold   it in your arms 
I will   serve no other God, I’m singing

  Am Am 
Lord, you  reign,  Lord; you  reign,  over all the  universe  you  reign