Hallowed Be Your Name

To the One who lives alive in darkness,  To the One who comes to lit our burdens 
F#m   E
To the Holy One    reaching out to us,
To the One who is our help in troble,  to the one who comes to heal the crumbled

F# D
To the Holy One,   reaching out to us,  to the only One who is salvation

A  D
Yours is the kingdom, power and glory,   reing in your freedom in showers of mercy
F#m  E  A
Pouring out to save,   hallowed be your name  forever

A   D
From the ones who have recived your kindness,   from the ones who live in Your forgiveness 
Hear this song of praise,  for all that you have done,   God we stand amazed and sing to our salvation 

 A   E  F#m  D  A  E  F#m
You  alone are  God, there  is no other,  you reign  above it all   in   awesome wonder 
 A   E  F#m  D  A  E
Everything   else will  fall,  But Your name will go  on and  on and   on