We  watch,  we  pray,   we're here to   seek your face 
  B   C#m   
We   know  you're  close, let you presence   fill this place

The  world is a desert dry and thirsty;  your love is the answer full of mercy
C#m  F#
Give us eyes to see the hurting,   bring us back to life

B  E
Revival, hearts on   fire
  G#m  E
Holy spirit   rain down,  change us from the inside, singing  Oh-a-Oh, oh-a-oh

B   C#m
Shine you   light, bring healing  to the blind
You  break the   chains; tel your glory   fill the sky 

   E   B/D#
Send  revival fire, send   revival fire 
   C#m   B/D#
Fill this  place, fill this   place