What An Awesome God

Savior of our souls,  giver of all hope 
 D  G
What an awesome God,   what an awesome God  you are
(G)  Em 
You have made us new,  we are found in you
What an awesome God,   what an awesome God you  are

   (G)  Em
You are   good Lord, all the day long, your  mercy goes on and goes on
Praise to the savior,   of my heart,
You are,  faithful, migthy and strong   and we sing hallelujah 
Oh, what a great and  awesome God,   You are 

(G)   Em 
We will chase your heart,  because you chased ours 
 D   G
What an awesome  God, what an awesome God,  you are 

   C   D   Em   G 
This is our  God, this is our   King, this is the   maker of all things   things 
   C   D   Em   G   (D) 
He is our  hope, He is our   peace, He is the   reason that we   sing.